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Five Ways to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

If you are a guy perhaps one of your biggest fears is performing dismally between the sheets. No guy will admit it but its the ugly truth. A huge fraction of deal with PE or premature ejaculation which has killed their sex life and ruined their confidence causing them endless stress. If you are wondering how to prevent premature ejaculation the techniques as discussed below will help you to turn your sex life around.



Keeping fit like a fiddle is among the many ways to sidestep PE. If you are overweight and shapeless, you won’t perform as you wish in bed. In simple terms, you will find it difficult to satisfy your partner. You will lack endurance and controlling climaxes will be an uphill task. Eating properly and exercising severally every week will go a long way in helping you to enhance your show in bed. Don’t forget to do specific exercise that will assist you during sex. Apart from mastering breathing techniques, many unique exercises will help you to say goodbye to premature ejaculation.


Avoid Stress

If you wish to take your sex life to the next level, you must avoid stress at all costs. Apart from wrecking havoc in other aspects of your life, stress can ruin your sex life. If you are stressed out, you won’t give an outstanding performance in bed. In plain language, stress will make you ejaculate prematurely. Try as much as possible to get rid of stress from your life. For instance, you can exercise or do yoga to avoid stressful situations. Clear your mind before engaging in intercourse for the best results.

Control the Mind

You must have heard people saying its all in mind. You can overcome premature ejaculation by just learning some mind control tips. Once you can control your mind, then you can last as long as you wish in bed.


Perhaps, this is the most popular method of tackling PE today. Folks rely on pills that are designed to enhance sexual performance to fight premature ejaculation. You will come across many male sexual enhancement products in the market. However, its worth noting that not all of them are created equal. The secret to finding the best products in the market is looking for those that include natural and safe ingredients that have been proven to improve sexual function. Take your time to do thorough research so that you make an informed decision.


vegetableChange Diet

If you eat lots of junk food, don’t expect to be excellent in bed. Yes, you heard me right! Make sure that you eat a balanced diet. Additionally, you can include a spoonful of ginger and honey in your diet before retiring to bed because they have been proven to improve blood circulation towards the penis. You will see tangible results within a short time. Furthermore, you won’t have to deal with side effects like when taking some PE medication.

Premature ejaculation frustrates women who don’t get satisfied by their partners. However, if you are suffering from this problem, the tips as mentioned earlier will help you stop premature ejaculation. Stick to the pointers and stay longer in bed.…

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Causes of Missed and Irregular Menstrual Cycle in Women

Right from teenage the menstrual cycle is the most important event in a woman’s body. Every month, the human body is ready for reproduction and procreation. The woman is created to carry the egg. Every month, a woman releases an egg from her ovaries to the fallopian tube. If the egg is not fertilized, the walls of the womb excrete blood that would be otherwise be used in the implantation process. Every woman should have her cycle after every month. However, different women experience difference cycle lengths. The normal cycle length should be between 25 days to 36 days. If a woman is not having her cycle under this schedule, the condition is termed as an irregular period. What are the main causes of irregular periods?

Long Days of Stress

All the activities in the human body are controlled by the brain. The brain is responsible for the triggering of hormones that control every activity in the human body. When a woman is experiencing stress, the brain stimulates the burning of a lot of carbohydrates to fats. The body consumes a lot of energy in this period. The production of the hormone estrogen is delayed as the body tries to save more energy. With low amounts of estrogen, an ovum cannot be produced in the ovary. Normal conditions should come back after the stress period is over.


weight lossExtreme Weight Loss

Weight loss is a leading cause of missed and irregular menstrual. When the body to mass ration falls to the levels of 18 and 19 a woman’s body cannot experience menstruation cycle. In the state of losing weight, fats stored in the body are transformed into energy. Low amounts of fats in the body affects the production of estrogen. As earlier mentioned, this is the hormone responsible for the whole menstruation cycle.



Engaging in sports activities for a woman and changes the cycle and the frequency of the one periods. Exercising affect the functioning of the pituitary and the adrenal gland the pituitary gland is responsible for the balancing of hormone in the body. When there is a hormonal imbalance in the body, menstruation cycle is changed. In addition to this, over exercising lead to a loss in body weight. Losing a lot of fats affect the production of estrogen. This explains why most athletes are not worried about their cycle. Cautions should be taken when a change in menstruation cycle is caused by this reason. It can turn to be a permanent problem. Every sports woman start understanding the female menstrual cycle.


ambulanceMedical Reason

Women may miss their periods due to medical reasons. Once a woman is pregnant, ovulation stops. A missed period is the surest sign of pregnancy. After giving birth, the woman body takes some months to regain it normal menstruation cycle. Some woman might suffer from hormonal imbalances. This problem is treatable ant early stage. Every woman should take note of any changed partners in her cycle and seek medical attention. Cancer and other chronic diseases can also lead to a missed period.…