Today’s world population is lucky because of its access to many types of contraception for women and men to help keep families small and affordably sized. However, information about birth control can be hard to find because not so many are talking about it. You are in the right place because this article discusses 3. Types of birth control solutions reachable to you right and these should be safe options for all girls and women of any age.


pillBuying Birth Control

You can access birth control by cash from pharmacists registered in your state. You may need to offer proof of ID since some states do not these drugs and kits getting into the hands of underage teens. Alternatively, your birth control bills could go to your insurer as long as you verify that such services are part of your medical cover. Doing a little research and calling your private insurer may be all you need to confirm the status of your cover, before adding the prescriptions of birth control. In some cases, insurers expect that you get a formal physician prescription before incurring the expenditure. The following are then the birth control types for you to consider.

Oral Contraception

Oral contraception is convenient, and they do not cause weight gain. Only birth control shots have a positive association with weight gain among women using them. The pills come as combinations of hormones estrogen and progestin. You may also get pills that only have progestin, and they will inhibit the hormones luteinizes and follicle stimulants. The pills act at the pituitary gland in the brain and cause the body not to become pregnant. Thus, the uterus does not form an egg and does not prepare for the formation of an embryo leading to the development of pregnancy. It inhibits fertilization. Pills must come as a prescription from a doctor.

Tubal Ligation

The tubal ligation is a minor surgery you undergo to ensure that you become temporarily sterile and cannot get babies. It can be one of the surest methods, but it can also be scary and not for the faint-hearted. You may feel excessive pain after the procedure, but this is an occasional outcome not affecting most people. Doctors will keep you in the hospital for a few hours to monitor your condition after the procedure before letting you go home. Modern forms of tubal ligation are reversible, but this is not advisable since it may lead to an ectopic pregnancy. Such an occurrence indicates that the pregnancy happens in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus.


colorful condomCondoms

Condoms are the time-tested and proven forms of contraception. They require the male sexual partner to wear them during lovemaking, and this leads to almost zero chances of fertilization. Condoms prevent the sperms from meeting with the eggs. Condoms can occur in various sizes, and they can be useful for sexual stimulation. Furthermore, they are unlikely to have any side effects. However, some people may report allergies to latex material, and they need to find alternative condom materials.…