There is no limit to what your mind can conceive. Creativity is a human trait that knows no bounds as it can be molded into different obsessions. Imagine establishing your mark with a global online business that makes and sells homemade sex toys.

Getting to the Core of Sexual Fantasies

Sex is an art to some people. To others, it forms a maze of fantasies that turn it into an adventure. Sex is, therefore, something that can be explored and enjoyed beyond its peripheral norms. Other than the other three basic human needs, none comes close to living a satisfactory sex life.

Sex balances your life and takes care of your general well-being. You built confidence and look at life from different dimensions. Therefore, as others formulate fantasies that border between having sex during a skydive or in a specific river halfway around the world, you can dream of attaining wild sensual fantasies from a number of household items.

Transforming Fantasies into Reality


T Think of the sensation that one gets when playing romantic games using hot candle wax or cigarette ashes.

You can practically make a sex toy out anything. All you need is a good mix of creativity, imagination and attainable sexual fantasies. You may also need to have a list of safe items for the project. The materials you choose should be free of chemicals. If you are not sure, use condoms and lubricants to improve on your DIY homemade sex toys’ safety and usability.

Suggested Items

If you do not know where to start from yet you want to carry on with the project, here are some common household items to consider. Note that all these items have been used by someone, before, to make a practical sex toy that works magic.

  • Bananas.
  • Candle stems.
  • Roll-on bottles.
  • Perfume bottles.
  • Round-tip hairbrushes.
  • Makeup brush handles.
  • Old TV and DVD remote controls.

You can take your homemade sex toy hobby a notch higher by giving your toys a tinge of life. To do this, you need an innovative edge that can make them vibrate or warm up. A number of safe items can be found in most homes to help with this feat. Some of them include:

  • Electronic toothbrushes.
  • Vibrating shaving razors.
  • Small-sized shower heads.
  • Vibrating massage gadgets with shapes and designs that meet your item selection criteria.


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Making your own sex toys can appear like a weird undertaking, but it ceases to be the minute you stop and think of what the hobby can transform into. People are already making these toys in their thousands each day. It follows that they may need someone to help them with the research on ways to modify their creations. You could be that person, and you can actually make a living out of it. Better still, you could come up with sex toy-ideas that no one has ever thought of, patent them and sell them to multinational sex toy companies for a fortune.…